Large Adult Brawl breaks out in Walmart; Kids try to break it up.

Video of two couples commencing to brawl in the jewelry section of a Union, New Jersey Walmart went viral over the weekend.

Dozens of customers looked on and some eventually got around to intervening after the fracas began to get out of control, with two children stepping in to try to intervene in the fighting. "What about the kids," one customer is seen yelling. Before long, bystanders were successful in helping the Springfield Road store employees break the four individuals involved apart from one another. While they looked disheveled, it didn't appear as though any serious injuries resulted from the melee.

"We cannot definitively say why the fight broke out," Walmart spokesman Charles Crowson told a local Jersey news outlet. The store managers refrained from contacting police, as the parties involved eventually left without further incident. "The group scattered so quickly," a rep from the store has said.

Reactions to the Live Leak recording on social media varied, with some mocking the confrontation by scoring the exchanges, and others characterizing the incident as shameful.

Source: NY Daily News

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