Gucci Mane - Fur Activists Get Aggressive During Book Signing.

Fur activists bombarded Gucci Mane at a book signing earlier this week.

The rapper was promoting his new memoir at a Barnes and Noble when a fur activist aggressively questioned him about the possibility of him going vegan. The man’s inquiry quickly turned into a public shaming. “Word on the street is that you’re thinking of going vegan brother. But you can’t be vegan if you keep wearing that fur!,” said the man to Gucci. The man and another woman followed that up by yelling “Shame on Gucci animal abuser.” TMZ caught the altercation on video. Gucci looked pretty shocked but didn’t move while his security escorted the activists away. Gucci’s worn a good amount of fur during his career and in order to be a true vegan, one must swear off animal products altogether.

Fur activists have used book signings as a means of protest in the past. Kelly Roland had a book signing that was interrupted by fur activists earlier this year. She also played it cool and refused to engage the protesters who accused her of having blood on her hands. They initially posed as fans asking to take a picture with the singer, but later revealed their true identity as activists.