Former Rapper and Spokesperson of Zulu Nation Received Death Threats from Affiliates Before Murder.

The Zulu Nation has received some bad press in the last year, with the Afrika Bambaataa sexual abuse allegations forcing the leader of the organization to step down. Now, a report has surfaced saying that a rapper who was affiliated with the Zulu Nation was getting death threats from the organization before he was murdered. 51-year-old Grandmaster TC Izlam ended up being gunned down in Atlanta in June 2017, only one month after he gave an interview saying he feared for his life. This comes after TC Izlam was interviewed for the documentary Trapped In A Culture, that took an in-depth look at the sexual abuse allegations against Afrika Bambaataa.


Before leaving the organization, Izlam was the international spokesperson for the Zulu Nation. However, he left after various men started to come forward saying that their leader had molested them in the past. The filmmaker who put together the documentary—Leila Wills noted how scared the man was for his own well-being while she interviewed him. Wills said “He was very nervous. He was in fear of his life. He sent me through all kinds of rigors before I could meet with him and before he would give me his address. He was constantly watching his back because there were Zulus all over.”