P Diddy urges NFL Players to take a stand this Sunday in response to Trump's statements.

Stacy Adams

It seems Diddy believes that NFL players should stand united after Donald Trump called players who kneel during the national anthem as a "son of a bi**h." who should be yanked them from the field and fired.

"I just want to send some blessings and also some support for all the players in the NFL,"Diddy said to his nearly 9 million followers on Instagram Saturday, September 23. "My message to yall even though you ain't asking and I rarely give them... Yall got a chance to do something really great tomorrow."

Diddy went on to say that NFL players should stand together in solidarity across the league, as black players, who face racial injustices, make up the majority of the league. "If yall do whatever you do in unity, you can't be stopped. Just do the math man. Do the math. Stick together stand up for each other."

Diddy, who earlier this year said he did not expect Trump to save African Americans, continued by calling NFL players heroes in the community who should display some strength in the face of recent adversity. "It has nothing to do with football of business. Yall are our stars. Yall represent us, yall our strong heroes. Let's show that strength, please."

Source: vladtv.com

Stacy Adams