Huntington Beach - Officer fatally shoots man outside 7-Eleven. (WARNING - GRAPHIC CONTENT!!!)

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The shooting of a man by an officer he got into a scuffle outside of a 7-Eleven store in Huntington Beach, CA has resulted in death.

Footage uploaded to the internet from the cellphone of a witness begins with the policeman straddling the civilian on the ground in a struggle to apprehend him. The incident, which unfolded across the street from Marina High School, on the 6000 block of Edinger Avenue, at around 9:30 a.m., got increasingly dangerous as the man continued to resist. With each passing moment, he appeared intent on grabbing reaching for equipment from the officer's waist. According to the report filed, the officer had been attempting to take out his taser but hopped off when he noticed the man had managed to strip him of a gun magazine. The officer then created space between himself and the suspect and fired seven shots, sending the man into a gate before he crumbled to the ground.

Authorities have not released information on why the officer had been attempting to take the man into custody. They have, however, come forth to back his actions, with Huntington Beach police Chief Robert Handy stating during a press conference that "The suspect was resisting and clearly the officer was defending himself and trying to take the suspect into custody."

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