New Jersey - Officer charged with sexual assault after 15 year old has his baby.


A police officer in Camden, New Jersey has been suspended for sexually assaulting a juvenile, who in August became the mother to his child.

Residents of the Gloucester Township street where the 15-year-old who carried Detective Rafael Martinez Jr.'s child for nine months did notice that he'd come around often in recent months. But they didn't necessarily know why. Over the past two weeks, however, the seven-year veterans visits ceased, as he was discovered to have impregnated the teen in 2016. Martinez Jr., 32, reportedly showed up to visit the girl in Cooper Hospital upon her delivery, where he confessed to being the father and signed the child's birth certificate. He was arrested on September 12.

The New Jersey state police have since taken DNA samples from Martinez Jr. and tested them for a match with the child. The tests results confirmed his relationship to the newborn. The baby was conceived at some point early in their 11-month relationship. Martinez Jr. is reported to have carried out intercourse with her between September 2016 and Aug. 18. Martinez Jr. is not being paid through the duration of an investigation into his interactions with the teenager.