50 Cent on The View speaks on Presidents Trump's behavior, " Got to get rid of him". (Video)

Stacy Adams

50 Cent, who is known for someone who speaks his mind, gave a little insight of how he feels about the President Trump’s comments over the weekend. On Monday, 50 dropped by “The View” promoting his new comedy show with BET entitled “50 Central”. As the conversation progressed, the Queens rapper was asked his take on Donald Trump’s remarks calling NFL players who kneel during the National Anthem “SOB’s.”

“I think if ‘I was the president by accident’ I would be doing things like that.” 50 said to laughter from the studio audience. 50 Cent, who also has the hit show Power under his belt, went on to explain that if he were written into a show surrounded on the premise of someone accidentally winning the presidency- his moves would mimic Trump actions.

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50 said he feels no one seems to be advising Trump on how to handle situations, “It’s like there’s no one there for help, like whose helping him, whose telling him anything.” After being told about the number of generals in Trump’s cabinet, whom many believed would help corral some of the behavior to little avail, 50 replied, “Then we got to get rid of him.”

Check out the video above.

Source: YouTube