Ex-Cop busted near White House with 9 guns says CIA planted chip in his head.

A man who served as a Memphis police officer before leaving the department for mental health reasons was busted outside of the White House with an assortment of weapons, and a strange alibi over the weekend.


Timothy J. Bates was confronted by members of the Secret Service when it appeared that he was urinating on the corner of 17th St. NW and Pennsylvania Ave. on Sunday, September 24. He would soon confess that he was carrying arms in his vehicle. But not before explaining that he had shown up to the nation's capital to meet up with Defense Secretary James Mattis and NSA Director Mike Rogers to receive a reward promised him, and to have a chip removed from his head in the process. According to Bates, the chip, which he claims he received as a member of a CIA program that offered him $28.7 million, was causing him headaches and convulsions. Upon searching Bates car the Secret Service agents discovered pistols, assault rifles and a machine gun among an arsenal of nine guns. He also had numerous rounds of ammo, knives and brass knuckles.

Bates, 37, was arrested and taken for his second mental health evaluation this year. The former 13-year police veteran would be charged with federal and state weapons felonies.

Source: nydailynews.com

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