Firefighter fired after stating, "Each player that takes a knee should be shot".

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The national anthem protests by professional athletes and now NASCAR drivers has sparked much debate about if the protest is even appropriate to do in the first place while the anthem is being played. Many have taken to social media to express their opinions, including an Arkansas firefighter, who was recently let go from his position after his harsh views on the subject.


Former firefighter Jonathan Marotti took to his Facebook and said “U want my honest opinion about these worthless piece of crap [professional] football, basketball, and baseball wannabe players, I think Trump should post snipers at every game and each player that takes a knee or sits in the locker room should b shot in the head.” He went on to say “I have no sympathy for them and no respect and as for the rest of u Obama lovin snowflakes out here protesting and makin idiots out of urselves u should be shot on [site] too. if u disagree with me then don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.”

Since then, the Earle Fire Department issued a statement via Facebook saying that they “have relieved that firefighter of duties indefinitely.” The department also noted that they do not agree with any of the statements made by Marotti, and that any kind of behavior like that from any employee will not be tolerated.


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