Two children shot accidentally by fellow toddler at home daycare in Dearborn.

A child in the custody of a daycare provider in Michigan managed to get a hold of a handgun and on earlier this week, and the result was two wounded toddlers.

Samantha Eubanks of Dearborn may have reared six children of her own, but her experience with little ones didn't prevent her from taking her eye off of one of her clients' children on Wednesday morning, September 27. It is unclear where the gun was that the child was able to get to it and fire shots that have left one toddler injured but on the road to recovery and another child in serious but stable condition. According to state's Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, homes converted into child care facilities may house firearms, but they must be unloaded and locked away. Eubanks was likely in violation of several laws, as it has been confirmed that she is unlicensed and may not have met licensing criteria.

It is reported that several guns were recovered from the Eubanks home. A member of the family has told local media that they belonged to Eubanks' husband. An investigation into the incident is ongoing as officials consider what charges to bring Eubanks up on.