Dezporado puts out "Rush" off the "Eyez Behind Shadez" mixtape. (Official Audio)

There doesn't appear to be an end for this guy. As he keeps dropping new fire, he's been also doing many other things. Recently donating to Harvey relief and speaking out trying to raise the awareness for supporting one another, especially in the tragic event of what happened in Houston, I think this is a great time for everyone to come together and support one another.

Recently, this past Saturday night, Dezporado performed for Swag Magazine in which that footage is highly anticipated. He also recently launched his company's website IBEXCLUSIVE.COM to bridge the gap between different nationalities and create a platform of common ground hoping to unite communities and create genuine support of everyone's efforts. As we follow him and follows the world lets come together and support all those working hard to make this World a better place.

Ok, that's enough activism for one article, lets get back to our featured presentation. Check out Dezpo's video below, tell me what you think?