Trump - Visits Houston shelter finally; states a 7.9 Billion Aid Package has been signed.

President Trump touched down in Houston on Saturday, September 2, where he got a look at the area most devastated by Hurricane Harvey and volunteered a portion of his time at a shelter serving displaced citizens.

The President was escorted to NRG Center by Texas Gov. Greg Abbot, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner and Federal Emergency Management Agency Administrator Brock Long. He arrived at Ellington Field in the company of First Lady Melania, White House chief of staff John Kelly and HUD Director Ben Carson, and from there they headed out to the stadium, which is currently providing shelter to 1,700 people. Approximately 4,200 locals have been sheltered at the NRG Center since the storm.

The President and First Lady mixed and mingled with Houstonians young and old, as they were taken to the "kid zone" set up with games for child victims, and from there were brought to a dining area set up, where they helped distribute boxed lunches. There were also the photos that have become a staple for politicians visiting areas affected by tragedy, with him lifting a girl in his arms before snapping cameras. "Really, I think people appreciate what's been done," the President told reporters on the scene. "It's been done really efficiently, really well and that's what we want. I'm very happy with the way it's been going."

Experts are estimating that damages caused by the storm will total over $100 billion, with AccuWeather placing that number at $190 billion. President Trump has thus far called upon Congress to approve a $7.9 billion down payment to get aid to the storm's victims as soon as possible.