Justin Bieber - "I have nothing against Floyd", Unfollowing him "Was just to create boundaries".

For years fight fans had grown so accustomed to seeing Justin Bieber in the ring with Floyd Mayweather Jr. that it was a shocker for many to learn that he was passing up on the opportunity to join the boxing great for his final match vs. Conor McGregor in August. Bieber has finally opened up on the matter, saying there are no hard feelings.

"I have nothing against Floyd," Bieber said, in response to a TMZ reporter raising question of his relationship with the boxer as he was leaving Mastro's Steakhouse in Beverly Hills late Monday, September 4. "I just, I think we just need to create boundaries and stuff when it comes to certain things," he said.

The boxing audience practically watched J.B. grow up before their very eyes, with his look transforming each time he either walked Mayweather down to the ring, or convened with team Mayweather between the ropes at a fight's conclusion. Bieber was by the Money Man's side when he fought Miguel Cotto in 2012, as he was in 2013 when Mayweather fought Canelo Alvarez, and in 2014 and 2015 for his showdowns with Marcos Maidana and Manny Pacquiao. But amid speculation that he's been embracing Christianity, word that the Canadian singer wouldn't be seen with The Money Team boss this time around was all but confirmed when the press picked up how Biebs unfollowed Floyd on Instagram. There were some initial reports of Mayweather being disappointed in Bieber's social media move, but in interviews on the subject, he's acknowledged the singer's choice to gravitate to his faith and has been ultimately respectful of it.

Often times, Bieber would be joined by Lil Wayne on his trips down the arena in Floyd's company. It was an interesting trio for sure, but one not all that unpredictable considering Mayweather's marketing genius, and how the musical pairings kept him somewhat relevant to more casual fight fans who some might argue he risked growing out of touch with as Mayweather moved into his late 30's. For Bieber, the Weezy connection exceeds branding, however, thus he became concerned in having learned that the Young Money rapper experienced another seizure this past weekend.

"Man, I just, I didn't know. That's my boy. I'm going to have to reach out to him," Bieber said.