Amazon releases it's top 100 toys for the 2017 Holiday Season.

Pumpkin spice is everywhere, football is on TV, and people are ready to indulge in fall in all its glory. But, why enjoy the fall when you can start thinking Christmas?

Yes, Christmas. 

Amazon is ready for you to fill virtual carts with a bunch of goodies for your kids this holiday season. The online giant just posted its Top 100 Holiday Toys list for 2017. 

Top toys on the list include Hatchimals, the FurReal Roarin's Playful Tiger, LEGO sets, a Barbie Dreamhouse and Fingerlings Glitter Baby Monkey.

If you grew up in the 80s, there is another toy that you might remember.

Teddy Ruxpin is back. Currently, Amazon is out of stock, but is still taking orders. The talking bear is known for telling bedtime stories but now also has some more advanced features, including touch sensors that allow kids to control the story and songs.


You can view the entire Amazon list for the top 100 holiday toys by clicking on the Amazon link below and enter "toys 2017"

teddy ruxpin 94_1504730673954_65786969_ver1.0_640_480.jpg