Jay Z Releases Rap Radar Podcast - Parts 1 and 2 (Official Video).

Jay Z has literally been one of the inspirations in my life coming from the same demographic and making it to this stage in his career. Not only has he affected the lives of many with countless albums and hits that help shape and cultivate Hip Hop, but he has been able to build a trustworthy empire that now nurtures the culture that raised him and he helped raise in return.

The unity between him and his wife Beyonce, with the addition of their 3 little Carters, has made the story so much more special and influential. Jay Z has evolved and continues to evolve before us, giving back seems to be the only thing left; which seems to be something many of our youth still need.

Jay Z sits down and unveils his thought process behind making 4:44, the relationship he has with his wife, his mom and even himself. Take a few minutes and take a listen. Watch the videos below and tell me what you thought in the comments below.