16 Year Old Pro Surfer Dies While Attempting To Surf Hurricane Irma.

Another victim of Hurricane Irma has come in the form of teen Pro surfer Zander Venezia, who got caught in an accident due to the high waves caused by the category 5 storm. According to NY Daily News, 16-year-old Venezia was one of many who flew on a trip to Barbados to catch waves. A local surf instructor named Alan Burke told the news Venezia was surfing 10-foot waves that were caused by Hurricane Irma for almost four hours. Towards the end of his four-hour run, Venezia was hit by a huge “close out” wave while he was paddling his way back out in the ocean. Burke ended up saying “It picked him up and sucked him under. We are presuming he hit bottom because he had bruises on his shoulder and neck. He was knocked unconscious.” The surf instructor noted that another pro surfer named Nathan Florence got to the 16-year-old before anyone else and started performing CPR while they were in the water.

Despite reports saying that Venezia may have died from a broken neck, the autopsy showed that the surfer had water in his lungs and died from drowning. Venezia remained unresponsive while being taken to the hospital. The paramedics performed CPR on the teenager the whole way there, but were unsuccessful in keeping him alive, despite him doing some breathing on his own.

Source: vladtv.com