Floyd Mayweather - Seen happy with new "Girl-friend" Red Rose La Cubana. Is it true?

Floyd Mayweather was spotted out in Beverly Hills where he dropped $250,000 on Birkin bags. The sum was a small drop in the bucket for the retired boxer who recently picked up a $100 million purse from his fight against Conor McGregor, which doesn’t include money from the gate, pay-per-view sales, and sponsorships. Floyd predicted he’d earn $300 million from the bout, which would put him in the $1 billion in career earnings club. The only other two athletes included are Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods.

Spending lavishly on ladies is nothing-new for Money Mayweather, but one thing different was the woman accompanying him. Floyd is known for having a harem of beautiful women and the latest was identified as Red Rose La Cubana. She’s a model and featured dancer at Mayweather’s new Las Vegas strip club Girl Collection. Rose has been described as “The Biggest Stripper in America” and has 1 million followers on Instagram.

According to TMZ, Rose and Floyd are “just friends,” at least for now. Mayweather is open about seeing numerous women, although Bad Medina was his last “main” chick. He also came close to marriage with his engagement to Shantel Jackson, but that relationship ended with a major public blowout between the two and she’s since been seriously dating rapper Nelly. Floyd, on the other hand, is enjoying the bachelor lifestyle.

Source: tmz.com