Jim Jones down in Miami says he's fully prepared for Hurricane Irma. (Video)

As many in Florida are trying to escape pending the arrival of Hurricane Irma, Jim Jones is stuck in Miami. That's where the now Category 4 storm is still expected to make a tremendous impact.

The Harlem rapper has a home in MIA, and told TMZ he tried to get out. "It was no flights. Um, I tried to catch a private jet, there was jets, there was no more fuel in Miami. There was like 40 jets on the runway. It just turned out to be bad. Tried to get on the road and they saying just to get to Orlando, it was like 12 hours to get to Orlando. They had flighs in Orlando, but by the time we'd get to Orlando, the airports will be closed."

Jones doesn't look too worried. He says he will hunker down in a room without windows. He also says he's good on food and supplies, with enough non-perishables to last him quite some time. High on that list? He stocked up on cereal. Capo says some of his favorites are Cap'n Crunch, Froot Loops & Cheerios.