Manhunt For Gunman Who Fatally Shot Teen in Lobby of Brooklyn Apartment Building

IBexclusive News Saturday, February 23, 2019.

(IBEXNews) - Police are investigating a deadly shooting that took the life of a 15-year-old student on Friday night.

Police released surveillance video of suspects who they are looking for. One suspect is described as a black man between 18 and 15 years old. The second suspect is described as a black man around 18-25 years old wearing red Adidas sweatpants with white stripes.

First responders arrived at the Flatbush Avenue apartment just before 6 p.m. where they found the teen in the entryway of a two-story apartment building. He had been shot in the head and torso.

Police say the boy's older brother, Don Joseph, identified his younger brother, Samuel Joseph, as the victim. The victim's mother was extremely distraught as she and other family members came home to their apartment.

"He's a kid. He had no enemies. He just goes to school, comes home from school," said Don.

Many businesses on Flatbush Avenue were still open at the time of the shooting. Favian Mora was in his tattoo shop next door.

"We heard the shots. It was like two or three. I don't remember well. After that, the police came. His mother was screaming," Mora said.

Police have made no arrests, and the family has no idea who would do this.

"Cops are here - they are going to take care of it...that's that," Don added.


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